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Westridge Drama: Work-wife Caught in the Act

Thomas Chikanga, aged 51, and Nomathamsanqa Nyathi, aged 36, who are work colleagues have been having an affair since last month

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Westridge Drama: Work-wife Caught in the Act

Two educators at a city primary school were discovered in bed together over the weekend, exposing their ongoing extramarital relationship.

Thomas Chikanga, aged 51, and Nomathamsanqa Nyathi, aged 36, colleagues at Westridge Primary School in Belvedere, have been engaging in this affair since last month.

Nyathi, whose husband serves as a soldier stationed in Kwekwe, utilized the absence of her husband as an opportunity to carry out the affair openly from her marital residence.

She introduced Chikanga to her children, including her 16-year-old daughter, explaining his visits as assistance with her teaching duties.

Chikanga would spend nights at Nyathi’s residence in Budiriro, departing for his own home in Highfield around 4 am to avoid detection by the children.

Westridge Drama: Work-wife Caught in the Act

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However, their rendezvous came to a halt when Nyathi’s husband, Noel Matiza, age 39, caught them in bed following a tip-off.

Chikanga expressed regret, stating that Nyathi had misled him about her marital status, claiming she was separated from her husband.

He admitted to falling in love with her and had contemplated taking her as his second wife.

Nyathi justified her actions by citing her sexual frustration due to her husband’s prolonged absence.

  1. Matiza, however, revealed that this was not the first time Nyathi had been unfaithful, recalling a previous incident where she had an affair with his colleague.

Despite this, he refrained from directing his anger towards Chikanga and Nyathi directly, instead intending to seek recourse from a traditional healer by taking Chikanga’s underwear for ritual purposes.

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