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Takura's Sad Tale: 7-Year Struggle with Drug Addiction

In 2021, he bravely admitted to battling depression, revealing thoughts of suicide.

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Takura's Sad Tale: 7-Year Struggle with Drug Addiction

In a candid revelation, chart-topping rapper Takura has recently disclosed his seven-year struggle with drug abuse, shedding light on a pervasive issue within the music industry.

His journey serves as a stark reminder of the toll substance misuse can take on artists' lives.

Takura has consistently been open about his personal challenges. In 2021, he bravely admitted to battling depression, revealing thoughts of suicide.

His poignant words echoed the pain of feeling misunderstood and unloved:

Suicide has really been on my mind lately… it’s not easy feeling like everyone you love hates you because you’re the worst person in the world … misunderstood.

Fast forward to February 2024, when the Haarore hitmaker made a life-altering decision. He announced on Instagram that he was retiring from music due to mental health reasons. His heartfelt message resonated with many:

This is by far the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life, but I have finally decided to hang the boots.

I am tired. I know people will think I am looking for attention, but it’s not that.

I wanted to drop the deluxe, and that was going to be my last project, but I have been struggling to even make a song.

The last thing I wanna talk about is, check on your friends.

Mental health is something that is real, but it seems like if you are a man, how can you feel all those things going on until it is too late so check on your loved ones.

During an exclusive interview with DJ Ollah 7, Takura bravely shared his battle with drugs. For seven years, he grappled with substance abuse, starting in 2017.

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His journey highlights a troubling reality: within the music industry, certain behaviors become normalized.

What begins as experimentation with friends can escalate into a dangerous cycle. Artists often face immense pressure, and some turn to substances as a coping mechanism.

The rapper sat for an interview with DJ Ollah 7 and revealed that he abused drugs for seven years.

He said he started taking drugs in 2017. Takura said he ended up going to drug rehab this year. He added:

To say I was influenced to take drugs at this age, it’s impossible. But you know how you start with your friends, experimenting with things.

But then, when I became an artist, and this is the problem with the industry, certain things just seem like they are normal because most artists get into that.

Munogona musingangoziya but most artists do it. Some handle it well. They can do it throughout their career, but people like me couldn’t.

Takura's story serves as a wake-up call. While some artists manage to navigate their careers while using drugs, others like him find themselves trapped.

It's crucial to recognize that mental health struggles and substance abuse are intertwined.


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