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Olinda Accuses Hubby of Being Lazy

"I am now playing the fatherly role of providing for the family. In short, I do almost everything by myself" - Olinda

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Olinda Accuses Hubby of Being Lazy

FED up with her husband’s laziness and boozing both of which have left her performing the fatherly role of providing for the family, a Mutare woman dragged the former to the civil court, demanding US$150 maintenance.

The woman, Olinda Sibanda, filed for maintenance against her husband, Steven Chapenya, accusing him of being lazy and squandering every cent on booze, while doing nothing to fend for the family.

The two appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, who granted the woman US$50 as maintenance. Olinda said:

Your Worship, this man does absolutely nothing to fend for his family. We have two children together.

He is never at home. He usually leaves home early in the morning to (go) drinking with his friends.

Every month, he collects money for rentals from our tenants and squander(s) it on beer with his friends, not sparing a cent for us.

I am now playing the fatherly role of providing for the family. In short, I do almost everything by myself.

He recently returned from South Africa and was not feeling well and I nursed him. He has fully recovered, only to become a nuisance to the family.

Sibanda said her husband collects more than US$150 as rentals from their tenants. She added:

Since he is now collecting all the rentals from the tenants, I am applying for maintenance of the sum of US$150 so that I can pay school fees and other educational and basic needs of the children.

Chapenya hit back at his estranged wife for disrespecting him as the head of the family. Chipenya said:

Your Worship, every morning she mockingly refers to me as ‘Mai Sibanda’ which derogatorily means ‘I am a house wife’.

Yes, I started collecting money for rentals from the tenants so that she could humbly request for it from me as the head of the family and her husband.

I want her to ask for permission to do anything from me like any married woman.

He denied being a drunkard, saying he was now an ardent churchgoer. He said:

I have since stopped drinking. In fact, I am an ardent member of the Johanne Masowe Church.

She claims that I do not take good care of the children, yet she took the children to our aunt without my consent.

At one point I told her to bring the kids back home, but up to now she has not brought them back.

He said Olinda was even denying him conjugal rights:

It has been five weeks since we last shared the same bed because she does not respect me.

I am being denied my conjugal rights by this woman, and we don’t even talk.

She wants me to be on her leash every day. I leave home early and come back late to avoid her nagging.

Chapenya said he cannot do menial work as his hands were injured in a road traffic accident some years ago:

She calls me ‘a house wife’ because I cannot do menial work after my hands were injured in a road accident some years ago.

However, Mr Chipato granted Sibanda maintenance for US$50.

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Olinda Accuses Hubby of Being Lazy

Annia Wangundiyani — has filed for maintenance of their two children after ditching her hubby, Georgie Manhungo over infidelity allegations.

Wangundiyani said since ditching him, her ex-husband was not contributing anything towards their two children’s welfare.

The two appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato at the civil court last week. She said:

Your Worship, I had no choice, but to leave him. I left with my children to stay with my sister in Bezel Bridge in Marange.

I could not stomach his infidelity anymore. I caught him cheating with different women, and could not handle his constant lies and betrayal.

Wangundiyani stopped working when she moved to Bezel Bridge, and has since then been getting assistance from her sister. She added:

I have been getting assistance from my sister since my relocation to Bezel Bridge, but she can no longer afford doing so as she recently gave birth.

Our two children need the support of their father, a reason why I am asking Manhungo to contribute US$70 towards their maintenance.

She said her ex-husband can afford the US$70 since he earns more than US$90 as a food vendor in town.

Manhungo can definitely afford to pay the requested amount.

He sells sadza in town and makes more than US$90 per month. He can spare part of that money to support his children.

Manhungo denied cheating on his wife, and said when their marriage collapsed, his ex-wife vanished with their children, only to resurface in court claiming maintenance.

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