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Disturbing: Mai Titi's Daughter's Rated Content Leaks

The 18-year-old girl Felisha ‘Fifi’ Murata is seen flaunting her body for the camera.

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Disturbing: Mai Titi's Daughter's Rated Content Leaks

Images of Mai Titi’s 18-year-old daughter Felisha ‘Fifi’ Murata flaunting her young t*ts and c**chie have gone viral on social media.

Felisha is the first-born daughter of the controversial comedienne and socialite Felistas Murata, better known as Mai Titi.

She is also a brand ambassador for Zimbabwean fashion boutique.

Displaying n*des, it turns out, is a family culture.

Mai Titi trended on social media last year after her own n*de pictures and a video were leaked online.

She claimed it was ‘revenge p*rn’ by her ex-husband and her former friend.

Disturbing: Mai Titi's Daughter's Rated Content Leaks

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From the look of things, the rated content was created in an atmosphere of trust and naivety.

It is yet to be established how these naughty graphics ended up on social media.

However, as in the case of most leaks in Zimbabwe, the perpetrators usually do it as a sort of revenge over a relationship that has gone sour.

Besides Mai Titi being a victim herself, Shashl, Tinopona Katsande and a host of other female personalities have had this nasty experience.

What can not be understood though is why females keep getting themselves into these situations where they willingly provide such content by trusting people that can turn against them when push comes to shove.

This publication will not publish or distribute the rated content.



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