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Civil Servants will Get Electronic ZiG this April

Civil servants start earning their salaries mid-April but the ZiG notes and coins will only be available from the 30th

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Civil Servants will Get Electronic ZiG this April

Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube has provided important information about the salaries of civil servants in light of the introduction of the new currency, Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG).

Last Friday, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) announced the launch of Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG), but the actual ZiG notes and coins will only be available for use starting from the 30th of this month.

Following the announcement of the new currency, some traders, transporters, and members of the public refused to accept Zimbabwe dollar notes, causing disruptions in transactions.

In response, the central bank in a statement, clarified that the Zimbabwe dollar remains legal tender for all domestic transactions until April 30, when the ZiG notes and coins will be introduced.

During a question and answer session in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Member of Parliament for Emakhandeni-Luveve, Discent Bajila, sought clarification from Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube regarding the currency in which civil servants would be paid this month.

This inquiry arose due to the RBZ’s statement about the availability of ZiG banknotes and coins at the end of the month.

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Civil servants are expected to begin receiving their salaries from mid April.

Civil Servants will Get Electronic ZiG this April

Addressing the question, Professor Mthuli Ncube clarified that ZiG is already in operation.

He explained that the statement from the central bank referred to the time when Zimbabweans would be able to make cash withdrawals.

Professor Ncube stated that the Zimdollar component of civil servants’ salaries will be paid electronically in ZiG, but they will not be able to withdraw the physical cash until the end of the month.

Mthuli Ncube said:

He is under the impression that ZiG will only begin to work at the end of the month, the 30th of April and yet civil servants will start receiving salaries from the middle of the month, about the 18th of April. I’m happy to say that his understanding is incorrect. ZiG is already effective and civil servants will be able to receive their salaries on time on the 18th of April. What the Reserve Bank mentioned was the issue of the availability of hard cash being available slightly later at least by the 30th of April that’s the issue. But in terms of electronic payments into their accounts, civil servants will be able to receive these by the 18th of April. Anytime because ZiG is already operational.”


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