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Fired Housemaid Refuses to Leave

"She also lies to potential employees that there is no vacancy, yet I need someone to fill her position" - Mabina Chikara, former employer

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Fired Housemaid Refuses to Leave

BURMA Valley – A farmer — Mabina Chikara — has approached Mutare Civil Court applying for a peace order against a domestic worker she had fired for insubordination, but continues visiting her farmhouse.

Chikara had a cordial working relationship with Patience Matiza until her behaviour became disruptive and concerning, leading to her sacking.

Matiza’s unwarranted visits left Chikara uncomfortable and unsafe as she helps herself to food and other supplies as if she was still employed there.

The two appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, with Chikara saying she does not know Matiza’s real intentions.

Your Worship, she used to be a loyal and obedient employee, but her behaviour later changed. She started insulting me when I reprimanded her over something. Her behaviour was becoming unbearable, and I terminated her contract of employment.

“I am a hypertension patient, and I fear that her continued interference with my life could endanger my health. She has mood swings and is disrespectful to the point of ordering me around.

“When I fired her, I gave her three bags of maize and some money after considering the plight of her children since her husband is not working,” she said.

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Fired Housemaid Refuses to Leave

Chikara said Matiza refused to accept the termination of her employment since she still visits her farmhouse frequently.

She comes uninvited, and on several occasions I found her feasting on my food at the farm. At one encounter I asked her why she was disrespectful, and she was very rude in her reply. She said was charging her phone. I was very worried, and felt unsafe that as bitter as she was she could poison my food. She also lies to potential employees that there is no vacancy, yet I need someone to fill her position.

“At one point she insulted and assaulted people who had come looking for employment during one of her unannounced visits. She told them that she was still working for me and chased them away,” she said.

In response, Matiza did not deny Chikara’s claims.

I worked for her for two years, including weekends. I was hurt by her decision to fire me on September 10, 2023. I only visit to check on her as my former employer,” she said.

In granting the peace order, Mr Chipato ordered Matiza never to visit Chikara’s farmhouse, and failure will lead to her arrest.

You are ordered to stop visiting Chikara’s farm. You should stop interfering in her professional and social life. This peace order will be valid for the next five years,” ruled Mr Chipato.


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