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Manhunt for Blessing Shumba who Fatally Scolded Hubby

Speculation is that it was a lovers' quarrel, but the true motive remains undisclosed

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Manhunt for Blessing Shumba who Fatally Scolded Hubby

In recent times, there has been a disturbing surge in domestic violence cases among Zimbabweans living in the diaspora. One such tragic incident unfolded in Cape Town, South Africa.

Blessing Shumba, a Zimbabwean woman, is now evading authorities after a harrowing altercation in Capetown.

This confrontation escalated to the point where she scalded her husband, Moses Mutukwa, with boiling water, ultimately leading to his untimely demise.

The details surrounding this horrific event remain shrouded in mystery.

Some speculate that it was a lovers' quarrel, but the true motive remains undisclosed. What is clear, however, is that the consequences were fatal.

Following the attack, Blessing Shumba fled the scene, prompting a manhunt by law enforcement officials.

Manhunt for Blessing Shumba who Fatally Scolded Hubby

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Social media platforms have been abuzz with calls for information on her whereabouts, urging cooperation with the police.

Interestingly, online voices have emerged advocating for Shumba to surrender herself to the authorities, perhaps seeking leniency during legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, mourners gather to bid farewell to the deceased, Moses Mutukwa, whose funeral arrangements are already underway.

Digging deeper, reports from online sources hint at a shared history between the ill-fated couple.

Allegedly, Moses Mutukwa was a former classmate, and he had a prior marriage and children—a circumstance that has sparked speculation and debate.

A poignant comment on his Facebook page, made when he married Blessing, alluded to the fact that he had abandoned his children financially.

Their social media activity portrayed an affectionate relationship, leaving observers perplexed by the tragic turn of events.

The once-happy images now serve as haunting reminders of a love gone terribly wrong.


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