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Fifi's ex-Boyfriend Charged for Leaking Her Private Pics

Amin had been blackmailing Felisha into paying him so he doesn’t post the illicit pics

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Fifi's ex-Boyfriend Charged for Leaking Her Private Pics

The man arrested for leaking Mai TT’s daughter Fifi’s naughty pictures has been granted bail in court.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) arrested Amin Mhaka, who was once Felisha Murata’s boyfriend, for posting her pictures online.

Last week, there was a social media meltdown after pictures belonging to Felisha went viral. She had sent the images to Amin in confidence when they were in love.

Last week, Mai TT, whose real name is Felistas Murata, addressed the scandal in a long on Facebook.

She revealed that the former boyfriend had been threatening to leak the pictures since last year.

He even blackmailed Felisha into paying him so he doesn’t post them.

It is alleged that Mhaka, who was reportedly in a relationship with Felisha, made the decision to release the sensitive photographs.

Fifi's ex-Boyfriend Charged for Leaking Her Private Pics

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Mhaka was taken into custody on Sunday.

According to Mai TT, Felisha had been paying her ex-partner until she reached a point where she could no longer sustain the arrangement.

This led to Amin making the decision to release the compromising images.

Mai TT emphasized the exceptional character of her daughter. She described her as a quiet, intelligent individual who had never given her any cause for concern.

The Cyber and Data Protection Act (Chapter 12:07] as read with Section 164E of the Criminal Law Codification & Reform Act [Chapter 9:07], prohibits the collection, transfer, sharing and or broadcasting of intimate images and or videos without the consent of the person concerned.

One woman, possibly a parent or a relative, visited and sat beside Amin who cast a depressed figure outside the court for a chat.

Later, two female police officers sat on his left flank while he was stationary on the edge of the bench.

The court later granted the 19-year-old US$50 bail.


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