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John Madondo Acquitted of Attempted Murder Charges

Allegations were Madondo had hired Mudziwedare to procure a human head for ritual purposes

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John Madondo Acquitted of Attempted Murder Charges

Headlands businessman John Madondo, has been acquitted of charges related to an alleged attempted murder for rituals scandal.

The case which took a dramatic twist during the trial of Tatenda Mudziwedare (20) from Village 5B, Sherenje.

Mudziwedare, who initially pleaded guilty to attempting to murder a seven-year-old Grade One learner, allegedly on instructions from Madondo, stood trial before Rusape regional magistrate Mr. Francis Mapfumo.

The charges stemmed from accusations that Mudziwedare had been hired by Madondo to procure a human head for ritual purposes, a claim that rocked the small town of Headlands.

The legal proceedings were conducted under the purview of Section 187 as read with Section 47 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, which specifically addresses attempts to cause harm or death to another individual.

Mudziwedare’s admission of guilt placed a significant spotlight on Madondo, raising questions about his involvement in the alleged crime.

The charge sheet detailed Mudziwedare’s attempt to cause the death of Alvin Kambadza by strangling him.

Mudziwedare reportedly confessed to carrying out the act under instructions from Madondo, who allegedly sought a human head for ritual purposes.

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John Madondo Acquitted of Attempted Murder Charges

However, in a stunning development, John Madondo was acquitted by the Rusape magistrate following a full trial.

The acquittal came after thorough investigations that reportedly provided conclusive evidence demonstrating Madondo’s lack of involvement in the alleged ritual scandal.

Reports from the police indicated that Madondo had no case to answer, signaling a pivotal moment in the proceedings.

Despite the initial accusations and the gravity of the charges, the evidence presented during the trial evidently did not substantiate Madondo’s alleged role in the crime.

However, the acquittal does not mark the end of the matter.

The case remains open, with authorities indicating that further investigations will be conducted to ascertain the full extent of the incident and to ensure that justice is served.

The outcome of the trial has sparked discussions within the community, with opinions divided on Madondo’s innocence and the implications of the acquittal.

Many have been left with questions as to why Mudziwedare would implicate an honest person over such a serious case.


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