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Wife Cheated with Best Friend's Fiancé

"So I was upset because I found out that my ex-wife had been sleeping around while pregnant with our daughter" - Justin Dean

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Wife Cheated with Best Friend's Fiancé

A Nigerian woman allegedly cheated on her white husband Dr Justin Dean while five months pregnant.

The Nigerian woman’s devastated husband took to social media with evidence of her adulterous affair.

Dr Justin Dean said his wife Korra Obidi, who appeared on the hit United States show “So You Think You Can Dance”, went back to Nigeria for her friend’s wedding and slept with her friend’s soon-to-be husband.

In WhatsApp messages, Dr Dean explained:

Korra went to Nigeria for her friend’s wedding five months pregnant and slept with this woman’s fiance.

So she was sleeping around while pregnant with my child and I saw the text messages that they took from his messages.

Dr Justin Dean then goes on to read the WhatsApp messages that were forwarded to him by undisclosed persons.

In the messages, Korra and her lover are discussing about their affair.

Korra compliments her friend’s fiance saying that his skills have improved since the last time they were intimate.

The fiance jokingly asks if Korra Obidi is mocking him.

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Korra then says it seems that her unidentified lover was reaching her womb while they were having relations.

Wife Cheated with Best Friend's Fiancé

The man then states that he hopes he did not temper with Dr Justinb Dean’s unborn child.

A flustered Dr Justin Dean explains after abandoning reading the WhatsApp conversation:

So I was upset because I found out that my ex-wife had been sleeping around while pregnant with our daughter, which is very risky business.

Like you get an STD while pregnant that’s a big deal.

In response, Korra Obidi also took to her verified Instagram account and denied DR Justine Dean’s allegations. She said the WhatsApp conversation is fugazzi.

Part of Korra's response reads:

This never happened, all the text messages are doctored. I never did this. I can never do this with my child in me.

This man has told many lies but this particular one with my child involved. I can’t wait to dance to the karma that is waiting for him.

Korra goes on to accuse Dr Justin Dean of being abusive and making some pretty lewd requests from her fans.

She also accused Justin of cheating on her countless times and added that she was fortunate to leave their marriage in one piece.

She added:

It’s been 2 years I left this abusive man who used to ask my fans to video themselves naked and send to him to help with back pain.

He cybermolested and abused many. He cheated so many times it was hard to count.

I narrowly escaped with my head intact. May God help us. Anyways, my song Outsider is out, go stream.


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