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Sabhuku Dies at Girlfriend’s House

The village head Tembani and his girlfriend Lucia Madhaki had a disagreement, resulting in Tembani becoming violent.

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Sabhuku Dies at Girlfriend’s House

Tembani Chitanga passed away at his alleged girlfriend’s house, creating a swirl of controversy in the community.

The incident took place on a Saturday night (April 14, 2024) when Tembani, reportedly returning from a drinking spree at Lundi Business Centre, decided to stop by his girlfriend’s residence on his way home, where tragedy struck.

Chief Chitanga, Feleni Chauke, confirmed the village head’s demise but refrained from providing further details, citing ongoing investigations by the authorities.

Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa also confirmed the incident, mentioning that investigations were underway to understand the circumstances surrounding Tembani’s death.

Reports suggest that upon arriving at his alleged girlfriend Lucia Madhaki’s home around 10:00 p.m., Tembani and Madhaki had a disagreement, resulting in Tembani becoming violent.

Sabhuku Dies at Girlfriend’s House

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Madhaki fled to a neighbor’s place for safety. In his anger, Tembani broke Madhaki’s bedroom window with his fist, severely injuring himself in the process.

When Madhaki returned with neighbors, they discovered Tembani in a critical condition, and he was rushed to a local clinic where he was pronounced dead.

Some sources present an alternative narrative, suggesting that Tembani attempted to forcefully enter Madhaki’s house after suspecting another man’s presence inside.

This version of events hints at a potentially dramatic confrontation leading to Tembani’s injuries.

Although speculations abound regarding the circumstances of Tembani’s death, Madhaki, seen as a key witness, maintains that the village head’s demise was due to excessive bleeding from his hand injury sustained while breaking the window.

The community remains divided over the incident, with many questioning the sequence of events and hinting at potential foul play.

Tembani was laid to rest on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, as investigations continue to unravel the truth behind his untimely passing.


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