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Prophet & Prophetess Kidnap Chinese Entrepreneur

The trio allegedly confronted Mr Cheng and introduced themselves as police officers indicating he was under arrest.

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Prophet & Prophetess Kidnap Chinese Entrepreneur

A CONGOLESE cleric, Charles Matondo, who is in the eye of a storm after being implicated in the kidnapping of a Chinese businessman, was once jailed 10 months in the United Kingdom for fabricating car crashes, in order to claim thousands of pounds from insurance companies.

He fabricated car crashes in order to deceive insurance companies and steal thousands of pounds.

Motondo, who then lived in Nowell Walk, Leeds, pleaded guilty at a hearing in April 2019 to three counts of fraud by misrepresentation.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of possessing criminal proceeds.

Matondo bought policies using personal details of two people, who were part of his congregation, before approaching insurers posing as the two individuals.

He was then a preacher at a Pentecostal church in Leeds.

Police said Motondo “was completely immoral in his actions”.

Investigations were started by the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department after First Central raised suspicions.

Now, Matondo and his girlfriend, self-styled prophetess, Primrose Miga of Christ Faith Ministries, are facing charges of ganging up with a Chinese duo to kidnap a Chinese businessman and demanding US$120 000 as ransom.

The couple appeared in court together with Guo Zairen, 34, Wango Gao, 40, Tonderai Naison Kaja, 34, Charles Notice, 34, Christopher Chirombe, 34, O’brien Miti, 31, Simbarashe Kumba, 24, Carlington Conselia, 28 and Oswell Tinotenda Tsikai, 29.

Prophet & Prophetess Kidnap Chinese Entrepreneur

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They are back in court today for their bail ruling. The complainant in this matter is one Cheng Song, also a Chinese national.

Prosecuting, Anesu Chirenje alleged that on April 17 this year, the suspects decided to kidnap Mr Cheng and demand a ransom.

Acting in common purpose with Tendai Notice, who is still at large, they went to a Chinese Restaurant in Belgravia driving in a white Toyota Fortuner and a white Toyota Beta, which was being driven by Notice.

Mr Cheng, was having his lunch with his friend Tu Muqing.

The trio allegedly confronted Mr Cheng and introduced themselves as police officers indicating he was under arrest. Prosecutors allege that they did not notify him of his offence.

It is alleged that they handcuffed him and forced him into their Toyota Belta and drove away in their getaway vehicles, leaving Tu Muqing behind.

They took the complainant to house number 1 Montes Drive, Mandara, Harare where Miga, Matondo, Kumba, Konselia and Tsikai were waiting for them.

“Tu Muqing then phoned and informed the complainant’s cousin sister, Wang Yanan, that the complainant had been arrested by police officers,” reads court papers.

It is alleged that Mr Cheng sent his Google maps location to Wang Yanan through a Chinese WeChat internet platform seeking assistance from her.

The court heard Wang Yanan contacted Victor Phiri, a Superintendent in the ZRP and sought assistance to be escorted to the police station.

Phiri then met with Wang Yanan and, on checking the sent Google maps location, he realised that it was instead showing a place in a bushy area adjacent to Chikurubi Maximum Prison and that there were not any police stations close by.


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