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Nabeelah Jogee Embroiled in Adulterous Affair

Nabeelah Jogee has allegedly been having an extramarital affair with Ronald Nyamoto a married man

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Nabeelah Jogee Embroiled in Adulterous Affair

A TV star’s adulterous romance with a married guy has been revealed, and the consequences have been dramatic, with threats of abortion and the wife living in fear.

Nabeelah Jogee has been having an extramarital affair with Ronald Nyamoto, who has been married to Rudo Nyamoto, for 14 years.

However, it looks like their romance is broken, and Nabeelah is leaving discreetly.

She took to her social media channel and wrote:

Good evening my 5000 friends… I have a story to tell about a young man that is cheating hard core on his wife.

“His name is Richard Fungayi Nyamoto, who poses as a veterinary surgeon.. his wife is Rudo… same surname.

“I am his girlfriend, who he has been sleeping with and trying to have a child with.

“Who, I ask? Who the hell has seen his certificates…he also claims to be a chartered accountant…nope he is not…inbox if you want to hear more.

“I have a looooooong story to tell… pictures and videos are also available… reporters…I’m giving this for free.”

Nabeelah Jogee must have realised later that she has a public profile to protect and posted this:

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Oh, but it’s over… plus I have a public profile…enjoy your poor poor life.

“Also, I recommend a lawyer.

“I recorded every conversation with you… let’s see who gets a kid now…. tell Rudo, Busi and Saba that I say hi.”

Nabeelah Jogee Embroiled in Adulterous Affair

She went on to send a message to Rudo concerning her romantic affair with Richard.

Recieved flowers from your hubby Ru…. tell him to calm down… you want him…I don’t.

“Also, I will be at Population Services to terminate this pregnancy.

“Sorry about your child Richard,” she said.

Rudo told H-Metro that she has been living in fear as Nabeelah threatened her with unspecified action. Rudo said:

My life is in danger from my husband’s lover.

She is ever threatening me and claiming that she has the power to do anything which can take me to the grave.

Ndihwo huCelebrity hwacho here hwekudya zvevapfupi nekureba, handina rugare.

Contacted for comment, Nabeelah expressed ignorance over the matter saying she was a single lady. Nabeelah said:

For the record, I am a single lady. I am not in a relationship with Richard you are talking about and there is no evidence to prove that.

Richard could not be reached for comment.


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