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Pic: Officer on Duty Just After Receiving Cushioning Allowance

This is a picture circulating on social media of an officer sleeping on duty. See picture below: Related Articles Zimbabwe Republic Police Get Salary Increase Backdated to January 1, 2020. Senior ZRP Officers Arrest 7 Traffic Officers Collecting Bribes From Motorists ZRP Police Officers Banned From Using Cell Phones ZRP Arrests Machete Suppliers In Mbare […]

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See : Kwenda High School Head , Mr Manhera In Corruption Syndicate

There is a letter circulating on social media addressed to the Ministry Of Education exposing the allegedly corrupt Head Master and his administration of Kwenda Mission School Kwenda High School is a Mission High Under The Methodist Church In Zimbabwe Located in Hwedza District. Late Last year we reported another letter exposing corruption at Sandringham […]

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Pic : Vacancy- Ugandan Government To Pay Stone Throwers To Fight Dessert Locusts

Millions put aside for stones and stone-throwers allegedly to scare away locust It might sound like a joke, but in the budget reportedly drafted by the Ugandan government to deal with the locusts invasion, 2,250,000,000 Ugandan shillings has been set for hiring stone-throwers; their major task? Stoning locusts. The Ugandan Cabinet on Monday, 10th February […]