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Mon, Oct 26, 2020
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    The Brand Misred Now high Ranking at an International level

    Misred on the cover of an international magazine Classique. The hottest and the most popular TV and Radio personality has just made her brand...

    Meet Tanya Muzinda Our Game Changer of the Week

    Tanyaradzwa 'Tanya' Muzinda, aged 15, is a popular motorbike racer in Zimbabwe with international acclaim - Despite the inherent danger in the game, the...

    Tanya Muzinda “not so healthy”

    In sad development, Zimbabwe’s top female motocross rider Tanya Muzinda has pulled out of this week’s Thor Supercross and Motocross Winter Olympics in Florida,...

    Introducing TofaraOnline Digital Skills Sharing Academy.

    TofaraOnline Digital skills sharing academy is an academy or online school which is meant for Zimbabweans and Africans to learn more on Digital Skills...

    Ropafadzo Foundation Trust Donates Reusable Pads To Girls In Mbare

    Ropafadzo Foundation Trust founded by the former public prosecutor at Rotten Row Magistrate Court, Panshe Bwoni has donated reusable pads to girls at Shawasha...

    Ropafadzo Foundation Trust Helps Underprivileged Children In Mbare To Stay In School

    Ropafadzo Foundation Trust is helping underprivileged children stay in school.

    Ropafadzo Foundation trust was founded by Panashe Bwoni a holder of an LLB Law at...

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    Two Gweru Men Pay Maintenance for One Child, DNA Tests Prove None is the Father

    A Gweru woman who claimed maintenance for one child from two different men, was recently arrested for fraud when the case was discovered.

    A paternity...

    New Law That Permits Surgical Castration as Punishment for Those Convicted of Rap_ing Children Under the age of 14.

    Lawmakers in Nigeria’s Kaduna State have approved surgical castration as punishment for those convicted of rap_ing children under the age of 14.

    State governor, Nasir...

    Student Splashes Teacher With Sewage in Class

    A South Africa teacher was humiliated and violated by a pupil who poured sewage all over her body after a misunderstanding.

    All because she allegedly...