Domestic Competitive Tender – Marondera Rural District Council 14/04/2020

MRDC/02/2020: Supply and delivery of building materials

Lot 1: Cement
Lot 2: Quarry products
Lot 3: Bricks (common, cement)
Lot 4: Timber
Lot 5: Roofing materials (sheets, tying wire, hoop iron ties, nails, bolts & nuts)
Lot 6: Windows, doors & accessories
Lot 7: Plumbing materials
Lot 8: Electrical materials
Lot 9: Painting materials & accessories
Lot 10: Air vents, window cills, brick force, DPC, black polythene sheet, termite poison
MRDC/03/2020: Supply and delivery of Vehicles and Equipment.
Lot 1: Tipper Truck
Lot 2: Tractors
Lot 3: Water Bowser
Lot 4: Motor Vehicle
Lot 5: Ambulance
MRDC/04/2020: Supply and delivery of Motor Bikes.
MRDC/05/2020: Supply and delivery of Computers (desktops and laptops)
MRDC/06/2020: Supply and fix of boreholes.
MRDC/07/2020: Framework Agreement for the provision of maintenance/repair services for light and heavy vehicles.
MRDC/08/2020: Framework Agreement for the provision of maintenance/repair services for boreholes.
MRDC/09/2020: Framework Agreement for the provision of electricals, generator and solar system maintenance/repair services.
MRDC/10/2020: Framework Agreement for the supply and delivery of groceries and provisions.
MRDC/11/2020: Framework Agreement for the supply and delivery of fuel and lubricants.

Tender documents are obtainable and submitted at Marondera RDC Head Office, 4.5 km along North Road, Revolt Farm, Marondera upon payment of a non-refundable fee of ZWL300-00 per tender document from 0800 hours to 1630 hours. Sealed bids clearly marked the tender number and description will be considered if
deposited in the Tender box located in the foyer at Marondera RDC Head Office on or before the closing date and time.

Closing date and time: 14th of April 2020, at 1000 hours. Thereafter, bidders/
representatives will be free to witness the opening of bids.
NB: Council will not bind itself to accept the lowest bid, it reserves the right to accept
whole or part of the bid and reserves the right to cancel the tender. Tenders received
after closing date and time whether by hand, email or post will be treated as late bids
and shall be rejected.

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