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Outrage over Lobengula Comments on ZBC

The hosts said Lobengula loved sugar too much, and the white settlers figured they could use it to dupe him and colonise the country.

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Outrage over Lobengula Comments on ZBC

Outrage over the tribal Lobengula comments by ZBC News anchors.

The two news readers Farai Juliet Magada a.k.a Fairie Jules and Victoria Manase and are the hosts of the state broadcaster’s morning news show, Good Morning Zimbabwe.

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During a recent news bulletin, the two ladies were talking about apartheid in South Africa.

They discussed how millions of South Africans got citizenship in 1994 after being denied for decades.

However, one of the anchors decided to smuggle Lobengula into the discussion, even if he was irrelevant to the story.


She said he started all the problems by accepting sugar and selling the country.

Her co-presenter laughed and said it wasn’t the man’s fault. The girls said Lobengula loved sugar too much, and the white settlers figured they could use it to dupe him and colonise the country.

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Outrage over Lobengula Comments on ZBC

Nqaba Matshazi commented:

“This bellend from ZBC is discussing apartheid South Africa & somehow she finds a way of linking it to Lobengula and his love for sugar. What stupidity is this & why is it allowed on a public broadcaster. Zimbabwe is institutionally and inherently tribalist.”

Award-winning journalist Hopewell Chin'ono had this to say:

“It is sad having such ignorant people presenting lies on Television pretending to be anti-racist yet they are pushing racist narratives that King Lobengula sold the country in exchange for sugar.

This ignorance is sad and divisive, it is a racist LIE!”

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In a long winding response, Secretary for Information and Publicity, Ndabaningi Mangwana dismissed the Lobengula comment on ZBC as “nonsense”. He said:

“Many historians doubt the authenticity of the Rudd Concession document presented to Queen Victoria which they contend that it must have been a forgery since it did not have King Lobengula’s Royal Seal stamped on it. All other documents signed by the King are said to have been stamped with that seal which was an imprint of an elephant. In short this is the deception of the King by the notorious imperialist Rhodes and his acolytes. The sugar nonsense is just that.”


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