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Video: Abandoned Wife Becky Ndlovu Abuses Bottle

Becky's hubby Joe, a 38-year-old businessman, is engrossed in an extramarital affair

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Video: Abandoned Wife Becky Ndlovu Abuses Bottle

A Durban woman who had been ignored by her cheating husband was caught using a bottle to pleasure herself in a leaked film.

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The woman, Becky Ndlovu, has been dealing with the terrible reality of her husband's infidelity for months.

According to individuals close to Becky, Joe Ndlovu, a 38-year-old businessman, is having an extramarital affair.

Becky feels abandoned and emotionally depleted following the romance, which supposedly began six months ago.

According to the couple's friends, Becky had long suspected her husband of being unfaithful, but she opted to keep quiet in the hopes that things would get better.

But as Joe's absences increased in frequency and his justifications became increasingly ridiculous, Becky was forced to face the reality.

He said that his behaviour changed and that he began arriving home later than usual since he was constantly preoccupied with work.

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Video: Abandoned Wife Becky Ndlovu Abuses Bottle

Their marriage was so bad that they had little time for sexual activity in bed, which left Becky parched and destitute. She also never gave cheating a second thought.

Becky confronted Joe about her suspicions, but all she got in return was denial and diverting.

Becky was left to manage their home and take care of their kids by herself when her once-loving husband and father withdrew.

He now hardly acknowledged her at all, and she started to feel as though she was living with a stranger.

Becky took matters into her own hands after failing to persuade her husband to spend even a little time in the bedroom with her and engage in sexual activity, and since she was too devoted to have a partner or a Ben 10.

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She then developed a habit of using a bottle while alone at home just so the tension she felt eased. On one particular instance, she decided to record the drama.

The video leaked into the public domain, and it is still unclear how it leaked.


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