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Son Beats Mum | Stepmom Batters Stepson

They got into an argument because he thought she was treating his sisters better than him

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Son Beats Mum | Stepmom Batters Stepson

A 24-year-old guy, Nkanyiso Ncube, from Inyathi, has been sent to jail for beating up his own mum with a log. He was found guilty of physical abuse by a magistrate.

Apparently, on April 24, 2024, his mum came home from church and found him drunk with his friends.

They got into an argument because he thought she was treating his sisters better than him.

He got really angry when she told him to leave if he was unhappy, and he threw a log at her, but missed. She tried to run away, but he chased her and threw the log again, hitting her leg and hurting her.

He got sentenced to 12 months in jail, but three months were suspended for five years. He also has to do 315 hours of community service instead of spending nine months in jail.

Son Beats Mum | Stepmom Batters Stepson

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A woman of dubious character, Yeukai Maisiri, has been taken into custody and charged with the heinous crime of maltreating a minor, specifically her own stepson, a tender soul of merely 5 years.

The egregious incident unfolded when Maisiri, consumed by ire, assaulted the young lad with wooden switches, leaving him in a state of distress.

Upon appearing before the esteemed Chitungwiza magistrate, she pleaded not guilty, a claim that shall be scrutinized in the forthcoming trial, slated for May 21.

As the court heard, Maisiri's ire was sparked by the child's unfortunate accident while slumbering, a mishap that prompted the irate woman to unleash her wrath upon the innocent youngster.

Fortunately, a vigilant neighbour, a champion of justice, brought the matter to the authorities' attention, culminating in Maisiri's arrest and the commencement of this sordid affair's legal proceedings.


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