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Stepdad Struck Toddler with Shovel After Mummy Dumped Him

Abednico demanded that Patience return all the money he had previously given to her during their time together.

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Stepdad Struck Toddler with Shovel After Mummy Dumped Him

In a shocking, disturbing incident, a 2-year-old girl from Plumtree is lucky to be alive after getting struck on the head with a shovel by her stepfather.

37-year-old Abedinico Moyo was arrested after he injured his two-year-old stepdaughter in a fit of rage after being dumped by the child’s mother.

According to the court records seen by B-Metro, the violent episode unfolded on April 14, around 4:00 PM, after Moyo’s partner, Patience Nyathi, expressed her desire to end their relationship due to ongoing issues.

Enraged by the breakup, Moyo demanded the immediate return of the money he had previously given to Nyathi during their time together.

The situation escalated rapidly as Moyo’s anger intensified.

Eyewitnesses reported that as the confrontation escalated, Moyo grabbed a nearby shovel with malicious intent, aiming to strike Nyathi, who was holding their innocent two-year-old daughter in her arms.

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Stepdad Struck Toddler with Shovel After Mummy Dumped Him

In a cruel twist of fate, Moyo missed his intended target, but the sharp edge of the shovel struck the defenceless child’s head, inflicting a deep and severe wound.

Fearing for her daughter’s life, Nyathi swiftly rushed the injured toddler to the nearest hospital, where medical professionals provided urgent and critical care.

The injured child continues to receive medical treatment and is being closely monitored by healthcare professionals to ensure her well-being and recovery.

Meanwhile, the incident was reported to the police, prompting a swift response that led to Moyo’s subsequent arrest.

Abedinico Moyo appeared before Plumtree magistrate Joshua Nembaware, where he was charged with physical abuse.

Due to the gravity of the offence, Moyo was remanded in custody pending further investigation and legal proceedings.


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