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    diaries of a single black mother

    Diary of a Single Mother : Motherhood 12

    The workshop did come to an end and I went back home. I was so happy to hear the sound of tiny feet running...

    Diary of a single mother 11

    My parents and sisters tried to make life comfy for me. Neighbours would point fingers and I knew they said things behind my back....

    Diary Of a Single Mother 10

    Diary of a single mother 10 As arranged, Aunt Mavis and Judith came around sunset to accompany me. I had just packed a few toiletries...

    Diary of a single mother 9

    Am not sure whether I had passed out again or whether I had fallen asleep. I opened my eyes and noticed that I was...

    Diary Of a Single Mother (8)

    When I woke up, I had to drag myself out of bed.my legs felt heavy and head so groggy. My sisters were still sleeping....

    Diary Of A Single Mother (7)

    My mother was an easy-going person. But then was nothing easy about your daughter telling you that she is pregnant. It's not something that...

    Diary of a single mother 6

    One Saturday, early April, I decided that Thalia accompany me to James’ flat so that I could talk to Tinotenda, James’ younger brother. When...

    Diary of a single mother 5

    Life went on, until I started having morning sickness.

    My sisters covered for me and helped in as much as they could to keep...

    Diary of a Single Mother 4

    It took three days before I could say anything. One day whilst having lunch I decided to spill the beans.

    ‘babe’ I said. ‘yes?’ he replied. ‘...

    Diary of a single mother 3

    The week flew by. James called. We arranged to meet after work.

    ‘hey baby.’ He said coming to embrace me. I felt his lips brushing...

    Diary of a single mother 2

    The tears- there were none- it was like I was underwater and I couldn’t breathe.

    I could not ask myself how because I knew...

    Diary of a single mother : Pregnancy

    I was pregnant, James was the father. Yes him, my supposedly rebound guy.

    I was in college, doing my final year. So there I was...

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