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Grootman in Trouble as Gcinile Twala Takes it Court

Grootman says he also intends to take legal action against Gcinile for leaking the video to gain attention

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Grootman in Trouble as Gcinile Twala Takes it Court

After mounting calls to have forex trader Themba “Grootman” Selahle held accountable for allegedly leaking a sex video of him and his former lover, Gcinile Twala, it has been revealed that the matter was set to be handled legally.

Women For Change (WFC), advocating against gender-based violence and femicide in South Africa, has confirmed on social media that Twala is safe, disclosing that legal action has been taken against Selahle.

“Do not engage with any ‘Gcinile Twala’ social media account, as Gci has deactivated herself and has no other profiles. Any other account is fake.

“Do not engage with any content from Grootman. Instead, report his account! We need to stop giving him attention. Narcissistic men adore attention. Do not engage!”

Forex trader Grootman, real name Themba Selahle, has said that he may soon release more footage from his s.e.x tape with Gcinile Twala, his ex-girlfriend.

Grootman in Trouble as Gcinile Twala Takes it Court

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He wrote the message after the sεx tape went viral on Monday.

Many on social media felt Grootman himself leaked the video, which he later denied and claimed was Gcinile’s fault.

Despite this, Grootman said he intends to take legal action against Gcinile, accusing her of leaking the video to gain attention.

“She took a while to claim she was abused because everyone expected that after a breakup,” he said on Monday.

“She wanted to show off by moving on and choosing a better partner, but it’s not working because she’s with a loser again, just like before.”

Speaking about revenge porn, WFC said: “Revenge porn is one of the most horrific crimes, and it is illegal in South Africa. It is a malicious act intended to humiliate, degrade, and harm the victim, often leaving them feeling powerless and exposed. The emotional and psychological toll on survivors is immense.”


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