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Radio Zimbabwe DJ on the Run After Robbery Incident

Edias Sibanda is accused of being a member of a gang of 5 who are accused of kidnapping and armed robbery

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Radio Zimbabwe DJ on the Run After Robbery Incident

One of the suspects in the inquiry into the armed robbery and kidnapping that occurred in Mutare on Sunday has been identified as Radio Zimbabwe deejay.

Police Question Freeman in Armed Robbery Case

Edias Sibanda is accused of being a member of a group of five men who, presumably in an attempt to get back money they lost from purchasing phoney diamonds, shot and deflated the front tyres of a car before kidnapping its three passengers.

This came to light when Tafadzwa Utete, 37, of Glenview, Harare, and Vongai Matonga, 32, of Gwabalanda, Bulawayo, appeared in the Mutare Magistrates Court on Monday, accused of kidnapping and armed robbery.

The 33-year-old Sibanda, whose last known address is a home in Harare’s Kuwadzana Extension, is still wanted by the police.

Tatenda William and Brian Muzozo are two more suspects that are being looked for.

Romeo Charles Tembo of Chikanga in Mutare, Morgan Zengeni of Gimboki South in Mutare, and Luckmore Chikove, also of Chikanga, are accused by the National Prosecuting Authority of having driven into central Mutare at around nine in the morning on Sunday in a silver Toyota Fortuner when Matonga called Zengeni and requested a meeting.

The prosecution claims that

Matonga and Zengeni wanted to resolve a previous diamond deal wherein Matonga was accusing Zengeni of having sold him fake diamonds in 2020.

The males arranged to meet at the Zuva Petroleum service station on Mutare-Harare Road, the court was told.

Radio Zimbabwe DJ on the Run After Robbery Incident

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A Toyota Sienta is said to have violently obstructed the Fortuner when it arrived at the scene, and five men—among them Sibanda—charged out brandishing guns.

The gun-wielding man is said to have fired twice into the air before turning his weapon at the Fortuner’s front tyres.

According to reports, the suspects forced Tembo, Zengeni, and Chikove out of their car and loaded them into the Toyota Sienta.

They were beaten and had money demands made of them. Zengeni was accused by the guys of peddling phoney gems to Matonga. The court heard that William was the rightful owner of the funds.

Following a search of Chikove, Tembo, and Zengeni, the suspects grabbed Tembo’s US$120 and his cell phone.

Chikove fled as the beatings and questioning went on, leaving Tembo and Zengeni shackled and being transported to Harare.

Zengeni was reportedly coerced by the five accused to phone his pals and demand money once they arrived in Harare.

Robber Released to Attend Wife’s Funeral

After receiving a tip from Chikove, police detectives discovered the ransom demand at around 3 PM that day, and a trap was created.

The accused were expected to collect ransom money at the Kuwadzana Roundabout on the Harare-Bulawayo highway after being tricked into going there. William, Sibanda, and Muzozo left the scene, but Matonga and Utete were taken into custody.

Tembo and Zengeni, who had been detained, were also released by the police.


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