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Chegutu Man Knifes Own Belly in Broad Daylight

The man was later overpowered and handcuffed before being ferried to hospital

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Chegutu Man Knifes Own Belly in Broad Daylight

Chegutu was in shock yesterday when a man plunged a knife into his stomach leaving his intestines protruding.

Witnesses who tried to stop him were threatened with violence. The man said he was feeling something moving inside his stomach.

The man was later overpowered and handcuffed before being ferried to hospital. Reports said last night he had passed away.


A Midlands State University student has been found dead in his room. The overwhelmed 28-year-old committed suicide at the weekend.

Cops confirmed that Roy Much was found hanging from a window burglar bar with a rope around his neck.

Police confirms investigating a suspected suicide case involving a 28-year-old who died after hanging himself at his place of residence in Senga township in Gweru,” Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said yesterday.

Police in Murehwa have arrested a mentally challenged woman in connection with the murder of her mother.

The mother, Anasencia Rowesai (68) used to stay with her mentally challenged daughter, Isabel Maradza (47) in Magaya Village, Chief Mangwende in Murehwa. On May 3, Rowesai went to an unnamed destination to pick her daughter who had strayed owing to her mental condition.

Chegutu Man Knifes Own Belly in Broad Daylight

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Two days later and in the afternoon, Rowesai was seen at her homestead doing some laundry by her cousin, Christina Magama (55).

Maradza was at home too. The next day, another villager, Norest Chimhanga passed through Rowesai’s homestead and noticed that the main door was broken.

He became curious and went into the house to check what had happened.

He peeped into Rowesai’s bedroom and saw her lifeless body on the floor. Maradza was seated next to her mother’s lifeless body.

Chimhanga then notified Magama and also reported the matter to the police, who attended the scene.

The police observed that the deceased’s body, which had bruises all over, was facing upwards

The bruises were mainly concentrated on the right side of the neck and blood was coming out of her mouth. No weapon was recovered at the scene.

The incident was confirmed by the provincial police spokesperson for Mashonaland East, Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi.

Maradza was quizzed by the police and she revealed that she was the one who had killed Rowesai. She was arrested immediately.

The deceased’s body was taken to Murehwa Hospital awaiting postmortem. Investigations were in progress


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