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Four High School Students End Own Lives

All students from the same school took poison on different days

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Four High School Students End Own Lives

Four Pupils from Eqinisweni Secondary School in Ivory Park allegedly committed suicide between 26 April and 5 May 2024.

The first incident occurred on Friday 26 April and it is alleged that a Grade 10 girl drank poison at home, she was rushed to clinic but unfortunately declared dead.

On Thursday 2 May 2024, a Grade 11 girl was found dead at home by parents, it is alleged that she also took her life by consuming poison.

On Friday 3 May 2024, Grade 11 boy was hospitalised after allegedly consuming poison he passed away while receiving medical treatment.

On Sunday 5May 2024 a grade 12 girl allegedly drank poison at home and died while being taken to clinic.



The 16-year-old Musa Tshabalala, who was a learner at the East Bank High School, will finally be laid to rest this Saturday after different businesspeople offered to help her family financially.

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Musa committed suicide over two weeks ago when she did not get more answers after learning that she was conceived through rape. It is alleged that she took rat poison.

Four High School Students End Own Lives

BI Phakathi and various business people, donated money towards Musa's burial and one catering company offered their services on the day of the burial.

ZiMoja reported that Musa committed suicide on 17 April and her 78-year-old grandmother has been struggling to bury her because she had no money.

Musa's cousin, Buyisile Tshabalala, said that Musa will finally be laid to rest, all thanks to businesspeople who offered to assist after reading the story on ZiMoja.

Buyisile told ZiMoja that Musa committed suicide after she discovered that she was conceived through rape. Buyisile said:

Musa was conceived through rape when her mother was just 12-years old. After she gave birth to Musa, she dumped her with her grandmother and disappeared since then.

This killed Musa, she wanted answers but her grandmother was not comfortable talking about the issue.

Buyisile added that not knowing her mother killed Musa:

This thing of not knowing her mother really hurt Musa. When she discovered that her mother was raped and the family tried to cover it up, it didn't sit well with her.


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