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Despair for Many as E-Creator Unceremoniously Siezes

Despite obvious signs that E-Creator was a pyramid scheme, many Zimbabweans joined in droves.

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There is despair among many Zimbabweans who had invested their money in E-Creator after the ponzi scheme unceremonously siezed today.

The scheme had been running for several months and had become a trend for the whole month of June with many Zimbabweans joining by despositing money of minimum amount US$15 and sharing links to recruit others whom they referred to as subordinates.

Despite obvious signs that E-Creator was a pyramid scheme, many Zimbabweans joined in droves and were accumulating sizeable amounts. Even several warnings and went unheeded as people were lured by the prospects of watching their money grow.

However, things took a turn beginning of July when the platform began to act up and people found themselves unable to withdraw their money. Initially, the E-Creator people tried to explain away this mishap describing it as a technical glitch that was to be solved by connecting the platform to Ecocash.

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A concocted story by E-Creator to explain why investors won't get their money.

Few days later, the story changed and the platform now claims that a Chinese national by the name Zhao Jiatong had stollen all the money and left Zimbabwe.

ID of Zhao Jiatong a Chinese national accused of running away with E-Creator money.

And just like that, the E-Creator story ends just like how any other classical Ponzi scheme ends. The investors are always the victims.


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