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Netone new data bundles

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Just yesterday NetOne announced that they will be reviewing their data and SMS tariffs effect from today. Like the fuel prices and basic commodities, data prices have also been going up.

The One Fusion packages by Netone have been one of the offerings that the Netone subscribers were loving and enjoying. It’s arguably one of the reasons there was a migration by so many people from other networks to Netone while others simply bought new Netone lines but still keeping their other lines from other networks.

When one bought the One Fusion 50 package they used to get 2Gigs of data on top of calling minutes, Whatsapp bundles and SMSes. One can still get the whole package ie the data, the SMSes and the calling minutes but here’s the catch, they have been reduced.

Below are the new One Fusion Packages

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The New OneFusion Packages

The daily data bundle which cost $1.50 and gave one 40MB and expired after 24 hours is now going for $3. To get 1500MB one now has to fork out $20 whereas they used to get 2000MB for only $10.

The 2000MB weekly package used to go for $60 and now that offer is no longer available but one can opt for the $50 package which gives you 1000MB.

The monthly bundles are only for those with able pockets as the 5000MB is going for $200 from the previous $150.

This comes after their last review in August making one wonder how much Zimbabweans will have to fork out when purchasing a data package come yearend.

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