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E-Creator Under Fire Over Failure to Deliver Products

“Our job is to rate products online and get commission daily. We don’t sell or sell products, and the money can be withdrawn anytime" - Abraham Mutambu

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ZIMBABWEANS buying products from overseas through the online marketing business E-Creator Zimbabwe have been left counting losses after it failed to deliver.

The company, located at Joina City in Harare, says it is selling products through its online platform, but some clients claim they have lost their money after it failed to deliver.

Amanda Tshuma said she realised that she was scammed when she discovered that they were not a registered organisation.

“I went to their offices in the Joina City, and they all looked professional. They said I could buy products in China. They asked me to deposit money via EcoCash.

“After depositing money and paying through their platform, they told me that I would not be able to deliver the products, but instead they will give me a rating for discounts.

“They then said I would become their part time employee if I deposit more money and get another favourable rating.

I realised I was being scammed as they are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe.”

Another victim based in Harare said the E-Creator platform presents itself as an e-commerce platform connecting customers and merchants, offering high returns to investors who rate products on its website.

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“It’s sad that we are in difficult times, Zimbabwean youths are struggling and trying to make a living to try to buy and sell but organisations like E-Creator see this as an opportunity to steal from us.

We do not understand why we are required to deposit money first before products are sold.”

E-Creator managing director Abraham Mutambu dismissed the claims, saying that their role was to facilitate the buying and selling as well as rating different products for a commission.

“Everyone who puts money into our account will be our part-time employee.

“Our job is to rate products online and get commission daily. We don’t sell or sell products, and the money can be withdrawn anytime.

We don’t have such cases, and as E-Creator we pay subordinates we don’t take anything from them.”

He was, however, unable to provide an explanation for why customers are required to deposit money simply to rate products.

A similar company called Amita E-commerce operated in Nigeria and defrauded thousands of people before being shut down by authorities. A nearly identical platform is now operating in Zimbabwe under the new name E-Creator.


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