It appears that surviving the deadly coronavirus is the least on the minds of some people in quarantine as some of them “have even begun having (sexual) affairs”.

Zimbabwe could be faced with another problem as the returnees are not observing the lockdown rules but engaging in intimacy. Such behaviours will result in the spread of the coronavirus.

Simon Masanga, the Secretary for Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare said the Botswana Returnees  are using many boxes of condoms.

Within 24 hours boxes were finished.

Simon Masanga said, “Three boxes were finished in twenty four hours, these are adults and it is not a military camp. We cannot restrict or ask people where they are going.”

The incident happened at Plumtree where 193 Zimbabweans are currently quarantined. Thee returnees were living in Botswana but were deported during the national lockdown currently happening in Botswana.

“The returnees maybe succeeding in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS but they are failing to reduce the spread of coronavirus. The Zimbabwe returnees may need to be guarded or to have their doors locked,” said one concerned citizen.

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