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Tenant is my Hubby's Side Dish

"When the victim’s child was not around, we would sleep together on the same bed with our husband".

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Tenant is my Hubby's Side Dish

A woman who was testifying in a case where her husband was being charged for allegedly raping a fellow tenant rocked the court with shocking revelations when she claimed that the victim was her husband’s second wife and that they were sleeping together on the same bed.

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The shock testimony was heard when Tafadzwa Mabvuku appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Sibonginkosi Mlotshwa facing a charge of rape.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was remanded to Friday for continuation of trial.

During trial, his wife Gracious Mpofu revealed that the victim was her husband’s second wife and her claims that she was a victim of rape were untrue.

The victim is my husband’s second wife and we used to stay together and sleep in the same room.

When the victim’s child was not around, we would sleep together on the same bed with our husband.

The claims by the victim that she was a tenant and a victim of rape are not true.

This is because she never paid rent for the room that we were using and it is also not possible for one to rent a room that already has occupants.

Mpofu said the three of them usually went out together after her husband introduced her as his second wife.

Tenant is my Hubby's Side Dish

The victim, however, denied that she had a relationship with Mabvuku.

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She stated that she only knew him as a fellow tenant.

I had never been in a relationship with Mabvuku. He had several girlfriends that were coming into the house.

I knew him as a fellow tenant who also helped me find a room to rent.

Allegations against Mabvuku are that on 26 October at around 10pm, he sneaked into the victim’s room where she was sleeping with her 8-year-old daughter.

It is reported that on the night in question there was no electricity.

When the victim realised that someone had entered her room and was desperate for light, she reached for her phone and tried to activate the flashlight, but her efforts were in vain as the battery had given out, leaving her at the verge of abuse.

Mabvuku is alleged to have sneaked into the victim’s blankets where he undressed her and raped her once with protection.

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After the incident, the victim went to Magwegwe Police Station where she reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Mabvuku.

During investigations, police reportedly found a used condom inside Mabvuku’s blankets.


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