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Wife in Quadrangle with Tenant & Brother-in-Law

"I was shocked when my sister told me that my wife was also cheating with her husband" - Raxton Mutamiswa, hubby

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Wife in Quadrangle with Tenant & Brother-in-Law

A married woman is causing a stir with a quadruple love affair involving a live-in boyfriend and her brother-in-law.

Her rural-based husband turns a deaf ear to tip-offs from his daughters in this awkward web of infidelity.

The woman — Fungai Chimbiti — who has been customarily married to Raxton Mutamiswa for the past 10 years — raised eyebrows in her neighbourhood by cohabiting with Kudzai Musasa under the pretext that he was a tenant.

The woman also had a romantic relationship with Julius Masaka, who is her brother-in-law.

Chimbiti is in a love quadrangle where four people are involved in a romantic relationship.

The woman and her two lovers last Saturday appeared before Chief Mutasa, who ordered Masaka to pay three beasts to Mutamiswa.

He also ordered Chimbiti to pay one beast to Mutamiswa’s sister for wrecking her marriage by sleeping with Masaka.

The traditional leader also advised Mutamiswa and his sister to be tested for STIs, and bring the results on May 11.

The ruling on Musasa is still pending.

Mutamiswa had stood by his wife until Masaka confirmed bedding her.

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He also claimed that each time he visited his wife from their rural home, he would be told that Musasa was a tenant, and did not suspect anything.

Wife in Quadrangle with Tenant & Brother-in-Law

This has been happening for the past two years. He said:

Our matrimonial bed does not lack, and she gives me all my conjugal rights and the respect as her husband and head of the family.

Mutamiswa’s daughter, Anniah, busted the love quadrangle.

She told the court that while her father stayed in Honde Valley, her stepmother brought in her live-in boyfriend into their matrimonial home and disguised him as a tenant. Anniah caught the lovebirds in bed.

When we told our father about this, he did not believe us and thought we wanted to destroy his marriage.

He dismissed us and told us to come back with tangible evidence against her.

Anniah said they trapped Chimbiti and Musasa before alerting their father, who travelled to witness their unholy alliance three days later.

Still he did not believe us because he loves her so much.

At that moment, we only suspected that she was also in a relationship with our uncle Masaka after a relative tipped us off.

When we summoned our uncle Masaka to come and help us catch Musasa red-handed in the bedroom, he was knee-weakened by what he saw.

He could not stomach the fact that the woman he was cheating with was also cheating with the man she also disguised to him as a mere tenant.

She had also lied to him that he was just a tenant. When he found Chimbiti and Musasa drunk in the bedroom, he was at a loss of words.

Masaka confirmed that when he was summoned, he found Chimbiti and Musasa sleeping together. Musaka said:

The truth is that I have also been dating her even though she was married to my brother-in-law.

I cannot say more on the matter, but it is true we were seeing each other. It just happened.

My wife is the one who exposed the relationship when she stumbled upon some steamy love chats on my WhatsApp.

However, Chimbiti vehemently denied the allegations, arguing that Anniah and Masaka were framing her.

She said Anniah and her siblings have always nursed a grudge since her marriage to their father more than 10 years ago.

She denied any knowledge of the steamy love text messages between her and Masaka that were presented before the court.

Musasa was indeed our tenant, and it was only that he was drunk when he was found in my bedroom.

I do not know the person who sent those text messages to Masaka’s phone number. They are not mine.

It could be a trickster who took advantage of my drunkenness. I am a heavy drinker.

Masaka’s confession startled Mutamiswa who had stood by his wife. He said:

Even when my daughters were telling me, I thought they were just marriage wreckers.

I was shocked when my sister told me that my wife was also cheating with her husband.


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