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Comic Pastor Haunted by Past Relationship

Munyalee Mavura who claims be Comic Pastor’s ex-wife took to social media to accuse him of abuse during their short marriage.

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Comic Pastor Haunted by Past Relationship

Zimbabwean comedian and media personality Comic Pastor has handed himself over to the police after his ex-wife publicly accused him of abuse during their marriage.

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Back in February, Comic Pastor’s ex-wife Munyalee Mavura took to social media to accuse her former husband of abuse during their short marriage.

Yesterday, Comic Pastor handed himself over to Epworth police while accompanied by Tafadzwa Muvhami, his lawyer.

The social media personality willfully surrendered himself so that he could answer the claims made by Mavura.

On the 10th of January, she shared on her Facebook the narrations of abuse she allegedly faced at the hands of the comedian.

According to her post, Mavura shared that she was physically assaulted while she was pregnant by the Comic Pastor and his family.

She recounts a heartbreaking ordeal where her ex-in-laws called her a witch and took her back to her parents’ house.

According to Munyalee, she was pulled and pushed by Comic Pastor and his brother Phillip till she was dizzy and fell.

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Days later, Munyalee shared she suffered a miscarriage, but Comic Pastor did not seem to care and never checked on her.

Comic Pastor Haunted by Past Relationship

According to Munyalee, Comic Pastor would call his girlfriends in her presence, not respecting her as a wife.

Once, when she saw a message from another lady on his phone, she claimed that the comedian beat her. Munya later shared that Comic Pastor’s current wife was that lady.

While in the UK, the Comic Pastor denied knowing Munyalee Mavura. He claimed he had no idea who she was and never married her. The Comic Pastor claimed he has only been married to his current wife.

Munyalee took to social media to furnish people with evidence that he was lying and pictures from her medical report when she miscarried.

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Photos of the two from their time together were also shared, proving that he was lying.

She even claimed that she has many neighbours as witnesses from her marriage with Comic Pastor.


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