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Former Deputy Finance Minister Terence Mukupe’s Ex-wife Hires Witch Doctor To Fix Him

Below is the part of the transcript of the leaked audio of former Deputy Finance Minister Terence Mukupe’s Ex-wife, Rachel, allegedly plotting to bewitch him.

It was released as part of evidence just as the two were trading barbs over allegations of the preacher Shepherd Bushiri bedding Rachel.

Commenting on the development, Rachel has said she has not at any time been married to Mukupe, customarily or legally.

In the discussion with unnamed male said to be a n’anga, however, she confidently describes Mukupe as her husband. She also speaks about a time when she decided to get married to him.


Rachel J: Me and my husband are not communicating and how I wish he was here to hear for himself because his father and someone who I think was his sister they were going to the cemetery and soon afterward they started humiliating each other; the sister would then reveal that they were going to the cemetery to fix my husband, Terence.

Male N’anga: These things I only speak what I am told (by the spirits, or powers)

Rachel J: So are you saying that he was bewitched with a spirit from the graveyard?

Male N’anga: Yes, he was bewitched using something that ensures that anything that he touches will not succeed. He literally becomes like a dead person

Rachel J: Mmmh (sigh).

But now I am so hurt by my brother because we are not communicating with each other. I really don’t know how he can be assisted. How can he be assisted so that he can prosper my brother? This man has got a lot of potential.

Male N’anga: Where are you failing to agree Tete?

Rachel J: I will tell you later on, can you please help me on this one first.

Male N’anga: I need to map a strategy on how I should begin so that I help you reconcile.

Rachel J: Aaah.

This person is not capable of telling the truth, he does not stand by the truth. He is too argumentative. Even when we plan something he goes his own way.

Male N’anga: Alright.

Rachel J: Now, he is the type of person who lied to me on many issues. The issue we do not discuss – He has 3 other kids from outside and when I discovered these pregnancies, I then asked him so what do we do? I then asked him, these women, how did you get to sleep with them? He said these incidents happened along the way as the women were trying to trap me, so at present, I do not even know if these children are really mine.

So I then asked if we could do DNA tests because we will end up taking care of kids who are not my husband’s. So we decided to get married.

It was later last week when I then heard that one of them had a birth certificate taken, another one has a passport taken. He then told me – this is my child whether you like it or not. I became upset because I felt why were you lying to me all this while just so that you could continue with me but while you know your deeds? But you know what, he does it is just like the divorce is nothing he is doing nothing for the divorce to be finalized.

Male N’anga: That matter I was told how to fix it, what is now left is for me to take the medicine(witchcraft concoction) needed to fix it.

Rachel J: Alright. So now, I then decided to pack my bags and leave. –


Runyararo Makunde

Media and Society Studies Student Journalist for zimtrending Blogger Copywriter

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