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Zupco Buses And Kombis Clash

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 Kombi operators yesterday complained that ZUPCO bus operators are invading their territory.

Kombi drivers who operate at Simon Muzenda Rank and Charge Office were complaining that the ZUPCO buses are invading their space.

In an interview with H-Metro, one of the kombi drivers said they are being saddened with this situation.

“We are having many problems due to these ZUPCO buses, they are causing a lot of commotion.

ZUPCO buses and private commuter omnibus operators are clashing over operating space in the capital. 

Back then, we had our own parking bays where different kombis from different areas would park and load their vehicles, now we are just mixed as these ZUPCO buses have invaded our operating space 

It is now difficult for the public to find their desired kombis,” said one of the drivers

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The driver went on to say: “Tobhadhariswa mari dzema rank disc but vakutiita rough. “These ZUPCO buses do not pay anything yet they are being given special attention, this is not fair. “MaZUPCO drivers acho vane pamuromo havagone kushanda nevamwe,” he said.

The kombi drivers said they are now driving in fear since people will be crowded in the terminus and might end up bumping into people unintentionally as one can panic.

In an interview with one of the vendors (name withheld), she said that the ZUPCO passengers are also causing problems in the terminus. 

“Some of them are now in the habit of stealing our goods, Last time my wallet was stolen which had all the money I had worked for,” she said.

Contacted for comment, the Harare City council spokesperson, Innocent Ruwende said most kombi drivers complaining are those operating illegally and do not have valid rank discs.

“ZUPCO buses are slowly increasing its fleet but currently cannot single-handedly provide public transport to the traveling public.

The demand is huge hence an integrated transport system is required, this means that ZUPCO and kombis have to co-exist and operate from the same facilities”  Added Ruwende:

“Regrettably, our infrastructure is in a state of disrepair, however, there are interested investors who have shown interest and want to work with the Council in developing the Speke Avenue and SV. Muzenda terminus into state-of-art bus exchange points. “These projects are still under consideration.”

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