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Wicknell Says Sonja 'Anemweya wenjuzu'

In a leaked audio, Chivayo went into a rant revealing that he no longer loves his ex-wife.

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Wicknell Says Sonja ‘Anemweya wenjuzu'

Wicknell Chivayo has got social media buzzing after a leaked audio of him declaring that he no longer loves his ex-wife emerged on social media.

This comes one month after Wicknell Chivayo’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Sonja Madzikanda, announced their impending divorce.

Sonja, who has 2 children with the wealthy businessman, revealed that they have been separated for a while.

She dropped the bombshell revelation in March after Wicknell Chivayo was alleged to be in a relationship with South African slay queen Mihlali Ndamase.

In a leaked audio shared on social media by Wes Belts, Wicknell Chivayo went into a rant and revealed that he no longer loves his ex-wife.

Mukadzi uyu handichamuda, haazi mukadzi wangu and handina hukama naye. I don’t want anything from her,” Wicknell remarked.

Wicknell Chivayo expressed his refusal to engage in conversation with his ex-wife’s mother, father, or aunt.

He recounted a recent incident where he alleged that his ex-wife attempted to tear his shirts.

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Wicknell Says Sonja ‘Anemweya wenjuzu'

He did not hold back as he claimed that she has a mermaid spirit.

Andina meeting yandikuda kuita naye. Ukuona zvaaita nezuro paye achindirova nezvibhakera…achida kubvarura mashirt angu. Ndolife yaanoda iya iya. Life yechihure. Anemweya wenjuzu. Ndozva anoda izvozvo.”

Wicknell emphasized that he no longer loves her and desires no further involvement with her.

He criticized her for immediately resorting to the internet to discuss their divorce instead of seeking counsel from her aunt first.

He revealed that his ex-wife instructed him to approach her aunt and seek forgiveness.

In response, Wicknell Chivayo firmly stated that he would not do so because he believes he did nothing wrong towards her.

Munhu anokudisrespecter wobva wanzi hee enda kunatete unokumbira ruregerero. Ndakamutadzira chii. Hapana one chandakamutadzira. Chii chandinomukumbira ruregerero.”

Wicknell emphasized that he wants nothing to do with her. He revealed that the only interaction he is going to have with her is regarding their children.


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