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Miss Rockshade Accused of Taking Nyasha's Hubby

A user identified as @maroast_ claims that Chido's new groom is married to Nyasha with a family in the UK

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Miss Rockshade Accused of Taking Nyasha's Hubby

The radiant bride had basked in a shower of heartwarming congratulatory messages, her captivating snapshots and videos from the enchanting traditional wedding ceremony quickly becoming a viral sensation across various social media platforms.

Socialites Chichie & Ms Rockshade in Nasty Cat Fight

However, the enchanting aura of Miss Rockshade’s traditional wedding has been overshadowed by accusations that she got married to another woman’s husband.

Amidst the flood of well-wishes and the viral splendor of her traditional ceremony, a stark claim surfaced, accusing the newly-wedded Miss Rockshade of allegedly snatching another woman’s husband.

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A social media user, identified solely as @maroast_, took to the comments section under Miss Rockshade’s pictures, alleging that the new bride had, in fact, crossed ethical boundaries by allegedly being involved with another woman’s husband.

The user, in a post said Shandirai Makandeni, who reportedly resides in the UK and is married to Nyasha, the purportedly heartbroken wife of Shandirai, with whom he shares three cherished children.

According to @maroast_, Shandirai’s rise to his current standing is credited to the dedicated efforts of his wife Nyasha, who is claimed to have toiled diligently to establish a thriving business and even a farm in Chipinge.

Miss Rockshade Accused of Taking Nyasha's Hubby

Miss Rockshade wedding shoot

The accusation underscored a perceived injustice, decrying the use of someone’s support and contributions as a stepping stone to success, only for them to be left behind as their partner ascends to newfound heights.

She took my friends husband. Shandirai Makandeni is married with 3 beautiful kids in UK.

The wife and kids are very upset. It’s really bad. Shandirai is where he is now because of his wife Nyasha who worked so hard to establish a business even the farm in Chipinge.

They will both reap what they sow. You don’t use someone to be up and except your life to be ok. It’s actually a shame really.


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