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Family Takes Lobola but Refuses to Give Bride Away

Stefano paid the bride price of US$345 but the girl's family barred him from taking the bride citing that he was a divorcee.

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Family Takes Lobola but Refuses to Give Bride Away

Prince Stefano (30) from Mandeya Village in Honde Valley had paid the lobola in March, but the family reneged on their agreement to give him their daughter in marriage or return his money.

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However, the family rectified the situation days ago by reimbursing the man, restoring justice to the problem.

Stefano paid the bride price of US$345. Still, the family of his girlfriend, Chiedza Mudzedze, barred him from taking her as his wife after discovering he was a divorcee.

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They also asserted that Chiedza was worth more than US$345 as she had never been with a man.

Stefano recounted:

“I paid US$345 as the bride price. That is what had been communicated to me. However, when we went for the bride price-paying ceremony, they demanded US$800, which I did not have.

They stated that the higher charge was because their daughter was a virgin. I was heartbroken when they refused to let me take her as my wife after I had married her.”

After negotiations for marriage failed, the Mudzedze family said they would refund Stefano, promising their daughter would be married to someone better than him. However, the family kept dragging when Stefano asked for his money.

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