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Tadiwa Who Kissed Boy for $5 Takes Own Life

In the video that is trending, a ghetto boy offers $5 to Tadiwa if she kisses him live on camera

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Tadiwa Who Kissed Boy for $5 Takes Own Life

The girl in the kissing video that has gone viral is alleged to have taken her own life.

Tadiwa who is seen accepting a challenge to kiss with a ghetto boy for one minute in order to get $5.

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Tadiwa initially hesitates to take on the challenge but finally accepts the challenge after some persuasion.

The ghetto boy then produced a stop watch which was to be used to time the kissing moment. It is not known whether the kiss lasted the minute as the video ends as soon as the two begin to kiss.

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It is yet to be known whether the video was meant to go public or to be kept secret but it looks like the video could have surfaced as a way to fix Tadiwa.

Rumour has it that Tadiwa has taken her own life after the video surfaced.

Tadiwa Who Kissed Boy for $5 Takes Own Life

In a conservative community where such acts are shunned, it is obvious the young lady will have a torrid time if she is still alive.

However, the situation also points to the desperate situation in Zimbabwe where young people are now forced to do anything just to earn money.

It points to both a bad economic situation and loose morals.


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