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Hunger Strikes As Woman Sells Daughter For US$1

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The deteriorating economic situation in Zimbabwe has left no stone unturned in making sure that the country’s citizens live miserably.


Hyper inflation has contributed to the high pricing of basic goods and services, making life unbearable for both the middle and low-income earners, as they struggle to make ends meet for survival.


With such difficulties, the country’s society has become an unsafe place for everyone to the extent that not even children can guarantee that they have their parents’ full protection and love.

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Mothers are stooping low to the extent of selling their daughters to their lustful male relatives for cheap money, just to earn a living. For example, a Bulawayo woman who allegedly gave her brother permission to rape her 12-year-old daughter after being promised US$1 to buy relish.


The minor whose father is said to have died years ago is said to have been threatened to be starved by her mother for not collecting money from her uncle who allegedly sexually violated her in a toilet.


We can imagine what the world has come to. All we have to do as a nation is to keep our fingers crossed and look up to God with the hope that someday this country becomes a better and safe place for future generations.


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