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Video: Couple Caught Serving Hunter's Beer to Minors

The mother is heard stating that there's nothing wrong with it because their father gave them

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Video: Couple Caught Serving Hunter's Beer to Minors

Harare – A woman and her husband were recorded on camera chilling as they nonchalantly observed their young children consume alcohol.

According to Crime Watch Zimbabwe, the incident happened at Paramount, Hatfield, located along Seke Road, Harare.

In the disturbing video, the woman carrying a baby can be seen standing beside a white car.

Two young boys are standing beside her near the passenger door, each holding a bottle of beer.

The video shows the boys drinking the alcohol, with one of them specifically drinking Hunters brand.

The concerned person recording the video footage can be heard questioning the mother about why she is allowing the minors to drink alcohol.

In response, the unfazed mother can be heard stating that she finds nothing wrong with her kids consuming alcohol because their father is the one who gave it to them.

This incident comes just a couple of months after another video surfaced, revealing a group of young children consuming alcohol in Harare’s CBD on Christmas day.

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The video quickly went viral, leading to the identification of the minors involved and the subsequent arrest of the individual responsible for selling them the alcohol.

Video: Couple Caught Serving Hunter's Beer to Minors


Nigel Nhamo (33) who is employed by the Dinson Iron and Steel Company in Manhize, Mvuma was arraigned before the Mvuma Magistrates' Court facing theft charges.

The State alleges that between July 2023 and April 2024, the accused person who is the company accountant altered the payroll and time sheets consolidated by the Human Resources Department by deducting various amounts of money from different individual employee accounts.

He would forward the payroll with alterations to the bank and then instruct the bank to transfer the variances collected from individual employees to his personal bank accounts.

The total amount stolen is USD80 000.

Nigel Nhamo and his wife celebrated their marriage with a lavish wedding in December 2023, followed by a honeymoon in South Africa.

During their time there, they enjoyed adventurous activities like rock climbing on Table Mountain.


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