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Drama: Rosette Falls in Love with Late Friend's Hubby

Her ex-husband, Lunga, is friends with the new man who was one of his groomsmen at their wedding eight years ago.

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Drama: Rosette Falls in Love with Late Friend's Hubby

Model Rosette Ncwana has allegedly found love in the arms of her late friend's husband.

Rosette is said to be dating a well-known businessman who lost his wife to cancer two years ago.

Following his wife's death, the businessman started dating Rosette's friend and fellow model and their relationship lasted almost a year.

But hell broke loose when Rosette snatched the businessman from her friend.

According to sources close to the situation, Rosette's ex-husband, businessman Lunga Ncwana, is friends with the businessman who was one of his groomsmen at their wedding eight years ago.

Another source said that Lunga is livid after finding out that his good friend and someone he considered a brother was now in bed with his ex-wife.

Despite the judgement of others, Rosette is reportedly enjoying her new relationship and is bothered by people's opinions.

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Drama: Rosette Falls in Love with Late Friend's Hubby

The new couple has been playing house for over two months now, and even their kids, have become friends. The source added:

Their kids have always been familiar with each other because their fathers are friends, but now that there is dating involved, the kids have become even closer.

According to a friend close to the new couple, they recently went on vacation together.

With Rosette having ‘snatched' the widower from her model friend, they are said to be at loggerheads with everyone in their circle siding with the friend because she was the first one to date the businessman after his wife's passing.

The source added:

She does not even respect her own ex-husband. There was no need for her to date this guy. He is not the only man in Jozi. The worst thing is that her ex-husband still maintains her lifestyle and the kids.

Rosette, who also has a child with Andile Ncube, was also linked to a former minister who is a top brass in the ANC.

When asked about snatching her friend's man, Rosette laughed and said that was not true.

She told ZiMoja that she she is currently dating someone but won't say who the person is.

Yes, I am currently dating but I won't say his name, I can't talk for long am in the middle of something.


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