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Holy Ten Loses Phone While Crowd Surfing

Someone searched his pockets while he was surfing and got away with the rapper's phone

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Holy Ten Loses Phone While Crowd Surfing

Controversial hip-hop artist Holy Ten is seething after fans recently stole his phone during a performance on stage.

The rapper, born Mukudzei Chitsama, revealed this on his Facebook account. The rapper was at a performance, and as usual, he interacted with the fans.

Lately, Holy Ten has been enjoying diving from the stage so he can crowd surf.

Holy Ten was rocking the crowd recently, and mid-performance, he decided to surf and have fun with revellers.

Some people at the show decided to capitalise on this. As the fans moved him in the air, he focused on rapping and floating.

Someone swiftly searched his pockets, which Holy Ten did not think of before jumping, and they took his phone. When Holy Ten realised he had been robbed, it was too late. The phone was gone.

He once went viral last month after pulling the stunt with no t-shirt on. The fans carried him atop as he sang for them.

However, the stunt of crowd surfing has terribly backfired on him.

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The rapper wailed online:

Izvi ndozvimwe zvikutongondisvota. Ndiri busy kurova stage dive imi murikuba iPhone 15 Pro Max yangu.”


Holy Ten Loses Phone While Crowd Surfing

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Finance, Economic Development and Investment Promotion Deputy Minister, David Kuda Mnangagwa said the government has a contractual obligation with the company that helped to establish the electronic passport system that passport fees shall be charged in foreign currency.

The new e-passport was introduced in December 2021, with the cost of an ordinary passport set at US$150 and an emergency one set at US$250.

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