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East African Man Shares Wife & Kids with Friend

The two best friends share everything in their household, from food to the wife and even the children

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East African Man Shares Wife & Kids with Friend

East Africa – A husband has taken the concept of friendship to an extreme level by willingly inviting his best friend to share his wife with him in an unconventional relationship.

The two best friends share everything in their household, from food to the wife and even the children of this highly irregular union.

According to the husband, Patrice Bushakwe, as revealed in an Afrimax documentary, he and his wife, Kavira Zubeda, were married in a lavish white wedding ceremony.

However, the couple’s joy was short-lived as they struggled to conceive.

Patrice noted that the first six months of the marriage were manageable, but after two years without a baby, people started saying mean and hurtful things about their failure to have a child.

This resulted in the couple blaming each other and fighting.

However, after some time, his wife came up with a radical solution to the problem. She asked her husband to have a child with another woman.

Kavira confirmed this, saying:

We faced a problem and were ready to do anything to solve it.

Patrice was initially shocked by this suggestion but eventually warmed up to it.

He claims that he had liaisons with multiple women, but despite numerous encounters, he was unable to impregnate any of them.

East African Man Shares Wife & Kids with Friend

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After Patrice’s failure to sire children with other women, the couple eventually sought medical advice.

The doctors revealed that Patrice was unable to conceive. However, Kavira, on the other hand, was revealed to be healthy and fertile.

Following this revelation, Patrice decided on a more radical course of action – he asked his best friend to impregnate his wife for him so that he would not have to face trolls who were mocking the couple.

The wife was taken aback by the suggestion and refused to go through with it.

She added that even though her husband’s best friend was a true friend who was always there for the family, she was unwilling to go through with his suggestion.

This seemed to anger her husband and resulted in the couple having frequent fights. Eventually, she gave in for the sake of peace.

The best friend also hesitated but eventually gave in to help his friend.

He eventually impregnated his friend’s wife three times and produced three children for his friend.

The friend also said that he does not regard those children as his own and confirmed that he made arrangements with Patrice to ensure this.

The wife, Kavira, also insisted that she made sure that she did not develop any feelings for her husband’s best friend in order to safeguard her marriage.

Surprisingly, all three parties insist that their arrangements are a complete secret despite agreeing to appear in a documentary.


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