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Nicki Minaj charmed by Prophet Makandiwa’s Flat Tummy Miracle (Video)

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Founder of UFIC Church Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has found himself trending in the United States of America after his video performing a miracle went viral.

In the video, prophet Makandiwa was seen performing a miracle on a woman for her big stomach to become flat.

The woman was telling Makandiwa that she wants a flat tummy to which he reacts commanding the stomach to recede.

The video also attracted the interest of American-based female hip-hop artist, Nicki Minaj, who said she would want her tummy to also recede for a fee.

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Wrote Minaj reacting to the video; commented “Do they accept American Express”

People reacted to the video and called it daylight robbery in which the man of God was using influence to brainwash his followers.

Prophet Makndiwa congregants defended the act saying it was not daylight robbery but a demonstration of power.

Watch the video of Nicki Minaj's response below.

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