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Paramount Garments Loses Property in Inferno

Management has declared a state of emergency and is asking for donations of water, food and other necessities

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Paramount Garments Loses Property in Inferno

Workers at Paramount Garments Works suspect that an electrical fault caused the fire which destroyed thousands of dollars of property.

Inferno Ravages Willowvale Home Industries

The management has declared a state of emergency and is asking for donations of water, food and other necessities.

The fire started on Sunday night with workers seeing smoke, but they could not locate the source of the fire.

Firefighters arrived at the scene, but the fire continued to burn throughout the night and into Monday.

We started by just seeing smoke, but we couldn’t figure out where the fire was coming from.

We could smell that something was burning and went into the warehouse to remove some boxes, but the fire was not visible; all we could see was smoke.

Another worker said:

The Fire Brigade came and did all that they could, but nothing was happening up to a point that we were told to go home on Monday around 12 noon.

Yesterday we came to work hoping that the fire would have been put out. We found the Fire Brigade trying their best to contain the fire.

From what we observed, we think the fire was caused by an electrical fault because when we saw the smoke, we could hear funny sounds, but they were not that of paper or fabric. It sounded like electrical wires were burning.

Another worker said the Fire Brigade suggested that they break down one of the decks as they suspected that the fire was coming from there, but the management refused.


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Immigration consultant and director for NMS Consulting Firm, Nyasha Muteswa is in the eye of a storm following allegations the he swindled an unsuspecting aspiring migrant money amounting to the tune of USDD20 000.

Paramount Garments Loses Property in Inferno

Circumstances are that some in time in August, Muteswa was approached by one Ndlovu who had been reffered by a friend and sought assistance to secure Certificates of Sponsorship( CoS) for himself and three of his sister’s friends to work in United Kingdom health sector.

Employers with a valid sponsorship licence must obtain a CoS without charge, but Muteswa charged Ndlovu and misrepresented he could secure the certificate.

He was paid an amount of USD20 000 in respect of CoS for four individuals but he did not communicate for several weeks raising the suspicion of Ndlovu and company.

Sometime in mid-August I got a message through a family friend that there was a company in Harare by the name NSM Immigration that has some COS (certificates of sponsorship) for UK Healthcare assistance work, after some further inquiries, I communicated with my sister Joyce Ndlovu for financial assistance since I did not have the money myself to do the payments, my sister agreed to pay for me and made some further inquiries that she had close friends who also wanted to bring their siblings to the UK if the company had more COS.

The requirements and processes are contained in the detailed message which was circulated on social media to attract clients.

After an agreement was reached my sister sent me some money amounting to US$D20 000 for four people that was paid in two batches, with the first one paid on the 5 of September 2023, and the second paid on the 19 of the same month and year and some receipts were issued after the payments.

After the monies were paid communications were done promising that the zoom interviews will be slotted and conducted in due course.

As months passed by communication breakdowns continued with all promises being broken on what was originally promised as contained in their message which stated that the process was to take 3 weeks only to obtain a COS.

Recent reports indicate that Zimbabwe is among the top five countries that registered the highest number of citizens who were granted UK work visas in the past two years.

Fraudsters and greedy employers are taking advantage of desperate people who are eager to go overseas by fleecing them of their hard-earned cash.

The number of people arrested and appearing in courts on fraud charges involving certificates of sponsorship has been on the rise in recent years.

Source| ZiMetro


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