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Stolen Phones Found Hidden in Deceased Thief's Socks

Witnesses heard the phones ringing from Muparutsa’s socks.

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Stolen Phones Found Hidden in Deceased Thief's Socks

REVELLERS at night clubs around Chikanga’s TM area in Mutare were lucky to recover their stolen cellphones which had been tucked in knee-high socks of a thief who was fatally assaulted by his colleague after refusing to share the bounty in the wee hours of last Friday night.

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The nasty incident happened at a night club in Chikanga.

Police confirmed the death of McDonald Muparutsa (31) of New Chisamba, Sakubva at the hands of his colleague, Lovemore Biggie Nyanzou (26) of Muchena section of the same suburb.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, said Nyanzou allegedly murdered his colleague after the latter refused to share the stolen kitty.

“The incident occurred at Rio Night Club at Chikanga TM area in Mutare. On the fateful night, the two were drinking beer together and Nyanzou saw Muparutsa snatching a cellphone from a patron’s pocket and going outside the nightclub.

“Nyanzou followed him and demanded a share of the loot. MacDonald refused to give him anything. After that, Nyanzou head-butted Muparutsa. When Nyanzou saw that Muparutsa had collapsed, he ran away.

However, onlookers gave chase and apprehended him. When police attended the scene, they found Muparutsa’s body lying in a pool of blood and Nyanzou was arrested.”

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Several imbibers, who had lost their cellphones, took turns dialling their numbers, only to hear the phones ringing from the late Muparutsa’s socks.

Stolen Phones Found Hidden in Deceased Thief's Socks

A witness, Mr Lawrence Zvamunongoda, told The Manica Post:

“It was shocking to see cellphones being retrieved from the deceased person’s socks.

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Following Muparutsa’s murder, police attended the scene. People who were enjoying themselves in other nightclubs around the area rushed to witness the incident.

Those who had lost their phones during that night, dialed their numbers using other people’s phones.

They heard the phones ringing from Muparutsa’s socks. I noticed five cellphones being recovered from the socks.”


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