A Chiredzi woman is helping the police with the investigations after accused of beating her child to death.

The case is reported by the police as murder .

Chipo Kanonge (35) who is mentally unstable was discovered dead in her room around 4pm after spending 8 hours of her death without her mother reporting the mater to the police.

According to Zim Trending sources the deceased’s mother beats her daughter with a wooden spoon and she was hitting and pushing her against the wall for an undisclosed matter.

When the mother realised that the deceased was taking her last breath she took her and laid her body on the bed and she covered it with blankets.

She continued with her daily chores until one of her neighbours noticed her strange behaviour and saw that her daughter was not seen outside the whole day and thought the noise they heard which forced them to sneak to the deceased bedroom window and saw her lying on the bed and covered with blankets.

The neighbours alert the police and her body was taken from her house in Tshovani in Chiredzi district to Chiredzi general hospital awaiting for post mortem.

The accuser is under the police custody.

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