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Watch: Angry Zimbabwean Customers Complain & Shout For Mealie Meal

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The mealie meal crisis in Zimbabwe continues to worsen by the day and citizens are getting desperate. 

We caught sight of some angry customers shouting and demanding the government subsidised mealie-meal at Food World Angwa.

The customers were complaining that they saw a three-ton truck of maize being offloaded but only 20 bags were sold. They were also accusing the police of looting the commodity.

Stories of corruption in the distribution of the subsidised mealie-meal are not new. Recently, the government put in place a commitee to monitor the distribution of mealie-meal.

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Some supermarkets in Bulawayo were also being accused of demanding that customers buy goods worth at least $150 ZWL before they could buy a 10kg bag of maize.

The crisis has gotten so bad that WhatsApp groups where people share information on the availability of the product have been created.

Ma groups E hupfu
one WhatsApp group for maize meal.


There have also been reports that the subsidised roller-meal is being diverted to the black market where it is sold for a much higher price.

Watch the video showing the irate customers below.

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