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Scorned Woman Snitches on Self in Jealous Move

She discovered her husband’s affair with Moleihi who was getting R90,000 monthly allowance and exotic vacations

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Scorned Woman Snitches on Self in Jealous Move

A Tengwe man has admitted to police that he killed his son at the behest of some spiritual entity.

The horrendous act by thirty-year-old Kevison Murengwa took place a Madzimoyo farm on Sunday, according to the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Kevison strangled his son to death after an alleged angel ordered him to do so.

The police stated:

Police in Tengwe have arrested Kevison Murengwa (33) in connection with a case of murder which occurred at Madzimoyo Farm on 21/04/24.

The suspect confessed to the police that he strangled his son to death after allegedly being ordered by an angel to do so.

And now to the real deal…

Rebecca Dube’s life took an ugly turn when she discovered her husband’s extramarital affair, leading her to anonymously expose a multimillion-rand fraud scheme to the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Jeremiah Musiwacho Dube, along with his girlfriend Moleihi Constance Ramone and their accomplices, orchestrated a sophisticated VAT refund fraud, siphoning off millions from SARS.

Rebecca, driven by a mix of moral outrage and personal anguish, decided to reveal these illegal activities to the authorities.

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Scorned Woman Snitches on Self in Jealous Move

The catalyst for Rebecca’s actions stemmed from her discovery of her husband’s affair with Moleihi, coupled with the revelation of a lavish R90,000 monthly allowance and exotic vacations financed by Jeremiah.

Feeling betrayed and deceived, Rebecca made the brave decision to expose the fraudulent activities, setting off a chain of events that would reshape their lives.

SARS launched a thorough investigation into the financial dealings of the Dube family and their associates.

Through tracing of funds and banking records, the extent of the fraud became apparent, totaling a staggering R200 million.

In court, the truth came to light, and justice was served.

Jeremiah Musiwacho Dube received a 65-year prison sentence, along with his girlfriend who was sentenced to 10 years.

Rebecca Dube, despite her role as a whistleblower, was also handed a 25-year sentence due to her involvement in the scheme.

The ringleader of the operation faced the same fate with a 65-year prison term.


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