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Mentally Ill Man Throws Toddler into Burning Hut

Masara (56) set the hut ablaze and then ordered the children to enter

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Mentally Ill Man Throws Toddler into Burning Hut

A horror incident unfolded in Zaka, Masvingo, as a mentally ill man set fire to a grass-thatched hut and threw a child into the flames, resulting in the boy suffering fatal burns, according to police reports.

Mental Health Issues: Causes, Myths and Treatment

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa, confirmed the incident, which occurred last Tuesday around 4pm.

The suspect, Trust Masara (58) from Machaya Village, Chief Nhema in Zaka, was reportedly at Sakina Nguruve’s (54) homestead, where three children aged nine, seven, and five were playing.

Inspector Dehwa explained that Masara set fire to the grass-thatched hut and attempted to force the three minors inside. He managed to grab the youngest child after the other two fled.

At around 4pm, the suspect, who is known to be mentally challenged, arrived at the homestead where the children were playing. He took a burning log from a fireplace and entered the hut,” said Insp Dehwa.

Once inside, Masara set the hut ablaze and then ordered the children to enter. Two of them managed to escape, leaving behind their five-year-old sibling at the mercy of the suspect.

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Mentally Ill Man Throws Toddler into Burning Hut

The suspect forcibly threw the boy into the burning hut, causing him to suffer severe burns.

The child was rescued by his grandmother and rushed to Manjoro Clinic before being transferred to Musiso Mission Hospital.

Tragically, the victim succumbed to his injuries, prompting a report to the police and the subsequent arrest of the suspect.

⅗ of Mental Health Issues Linked to Drug Abuse

Insp Dhewa emphasized the importance of ensuring that mentally challenged individuals receive proper medical attention and adhere to prescribed medication.

ZimTrending advises people to consult medical professionals and counsellors when a relative or a member of the community appears to have mental health challenges. Medicine, professional counselling and family support can help the mentally challenged to cope.


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